My favorite June Photos

Man biking with his daughter

Went on a trip to San Francisco. It was fun and I am pretty happy with the shots I got.

empty cafe

I mostly used Portra but fuck I left my camera off so half the shots were crappy lolz.

Orange Koi

Portra 160 is so underrated. I have seen so much disrespect but damn this shit is crack and is slightly cheaper than 400. I will smack anyone that disrespects it.

White Koi

Went to the japanese tea garden, swear to god I was going to start crying that shit was beautiful.

Lily Pond

On a side note, I want a new camera so if anyone got recommendations for a good cheap range-finder, let me know. I love my OM-2n but I want to try something new.

making bread

Also bought one of Vivian Maier's Out of the Shadows. I might buy a TLR because of it lol. Her images are so beautiful but I feel weird since technically they were just private photos.

Wall Art

Also tried out FP4+. It is not for me. I will stick to delta for a fine grain BnW film.


Last thing what the fuck does this mean LMAO